Entegra’s sole mission is helping the defense and intelligence communities meet theirs. Our values reflect that.

Our Mission & Values

Every day at Entegra, our mission is multifold: to create the systems, analyze the data, and support the operations that provide critical intelligence for national security. From optimizing legacy systems to state-of-the-art virtual reality systems, we’re here to fully support the defense and intelligence community’s efforts at solving global issues affecting our nation.

Our country’s vital defense and intelligence missions may evolve, but they never cease. The systems that ensure these missions have more successes than not are ones that must always operate at peak efficiency. That’s why at Entegra, our engineering and development expertise and proficiency span every phase of the system life cycle, from analysis, design, build, testing, integration, and installation to operation and maintenance in live mission environments dealing with complex, interconnected threats and challenges. Entegra analysts are experts in a host of critical disciplines. These include targeting methodologies, tactical and strategic guidance, counterterrorism, counter proliferation, and geolocation analysis. Our analysts play key roles in pursuing our nation’s most critical targets.

At Entegra Systems, a true sense of ethics and integrity inform all we do. These rock-solid values find their expression in our brand, our people, our product, and our very name. We believe an employment relationship should be voluntary and as such we have implemented an anti-human trafficking compliance plan. We believe such core values are the most essential to have when our country’s security is on the line.

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