Entegra Systems has a history of strategic growth to meet a growing demand. It continues apace.

Entegra Systems commenced operations in June 2005. The company’s premise was and continues to be remarkably simple: do meaningful, important, impactful work with a team of highly talented, highly dedicated professionals in complementary disciplines.

The founders wanted Entegra Systems to be a fantastic place to work, with great benefits; a company with an open atmosphere of mutual respect and congeniality; a company that would grow at a reasonable and deliberate pace. We’ve achieved these qualities and we continue to achieve our goals.

Entegra Systems’ technical and operational credentials are firmly established in the defense, national security, and intelligence communities. We re-earn our credentials on every assignment. Hence, we continue to grow, recently surpassing the 150-employee mark. We’re not surprised by our growth. Or by the fact that we now have offices in Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia.

Entegra Systems was recently acquired by Acclaim Technical Services

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